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Swar Kalyan "Swar Kalyan"

Ragas Yaman Kalyan, Mishra Kirwani, Sindhu Bhairavi
Live at the Theatre De La Ville, Paris (2008) and University of Oregon, USA (2003)

Tabla: Abhiman Kaushsal

Navras Records, November 2011

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CD review - "Inside World Music"
Manan-Meditation "Manan - Meditation"
Raga Bihag and Raga Bhairavi

Tabla: Abhiman Kaushsal

Navras Records, Oct 2007

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Raga Kafi "Raga Kafi - Some Facets"

Tabla: Uttam Chakravorty

Underscore Records, 2006

Also available in the U.S.

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Harmony "Harmony"
Raga Sindhu Bhairavi
Tabla accompaniment : Abhiman Kaushal
Bihaan Music, 2007 More Info
Rag Vachaspati, Rag Desh,
Rag Jogiya Kalingra, Rag Piloo

Tabla: Abhiman Kaushsal

Goldenhorn Records, 2004
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"Reflections Around Noon"
Rag Todi, Rag Kafi

Tabla: Uday Raj Karpoor

Audiorec Limited, 2003

"Taranath and Karpur seem to have a telepathic understanding, making music
(Rag Miyan ki Todi and Misra Kafi) that moves sublimely from brooding introspection to climaxes of breathtaking excitement."- New Classic / Online World Music Magazine

"Here is an outstanding recording by a sarod player with a very different style. Taranath is a disciple of Ali Akbar Khan and develops his ragas along lines markedly similar to the master. He is far from a mere imitator, however, with a very personal way of favoring understatement as well as a subtle touch that is quite his own. This title strongly recommended to lovers of Indian music." - Duck Baker (Richmond, VA) Dirty Linen Dec 03/Jan 04

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  " The Call of Love, The Art of Persian and Indian Improvisations"
Lian Records, 2002 


"Daybreak and a Candle End"
Rag Bhairav, Rag Prabhakali, Kirwani Dhun

Tabla: Ravindra Yavagal

Biswas Records, 2002
"Over the Moon"
Rag Chandranandan

Tabla: Anindo Chatterjee

Navras Records, 2001
Rag Ahir Bhairo, Rag Charukeshi

Tabla: Nayan Ghosh

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Rag Nat Bhairo, Rag Kaushi Bhairavi, Bhairavi Masters Series H. M. V. India Purchase this CD online at
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